Thursday, January 14, 2016

Herbert's Last Stand - Who will be the Main Character?

Hey Penguins,
Recently I came to the Conclusion that Club Penguin needs a well thought out, long, realistic movie. That's why Cool Boy 714 and I have agreed to start a movie with all your favorite Club Penguin mascots and we'd like to take it a step further and ask that the community submit ALL their penguin playercards to us and by submitting your penguins, we'll personally add you into the movie as the biggest role, we can't tell you what that role is but it's one of the main characters - and whether your penguin looks like a complete doof, or a top notch secret agent we WANT them I will be the one sifting through the submissions so if you have any questions either DM me on Twitter (@Ninjaoninja2) or you can email me at Now you're probably wondering, where do we submit these images of our playercards, well just click here. You'll be redirected to a secure form to upload your penguin playercard into, do that and you're done!

So are you excited to possibly win? Comment down below if you are, I'm excited to see all the submissions!

(Written Permission given by Club Penguin Staff to do the movie.)


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